This website is dedicated to the surname WITTENBURG and WITTENBERG.

It examines their origin and history firstly as a descriptive term for naming places, then the names’ eventual adoption as surnames, their variations in spelling over time, and these surnames’ gradual spreading to other lands. It is also about Notables answering to these surnames, the names’ heraldry and sundry other things associated with them.

This website was confined to Wittenburg only when started two years ago, but more research in the interval led to many more new insights about the similar origin and development of both the names Wittenburg and Wittenberg to now dedicate it to both.

Results of additional research is reflected in the significantly expanded section ‘Etymology’. Plans are to add a new section online each month until the grand outlines of this project are in place.

This website is also meant to serve as an information resource for the fifteen to twenty thousand bearers of these surnames and variations thereof. Since a project like this will by its nature remain a work-in-progress, comments and additional information will always be appreciated.

September 2020